Texas WIC Website
This site helps educate new moms in Texas, to keep them and their babies healthy through pregnancy and beyond! I assisted in a redesign (currently in progress), by creating custom art, animation, and page mockups.
Where does the weight go during pregnancy?

Where does the weight go during pregnancy? The answer may surprise you, unless you've consulted this diagram. 
My role in this project was to create detailed illustrations to give some scientific facts a more human appearance, with the end goal of educating new moms. 
Tools & Media: Hand drawing, Procreate, Photoshop, Sketch

Week-by-Week Development
Phase two of this project involved charting the development of a fetus from
teeny tiny to just about done. 

Fetus at month 2

Fetus at month 9

!  CONTENT WARNING: If you have any objection to seeing drawn renderings of breastfeeding techniques, scroll no further. 
Hand Expression in Breastfeeding - Interactive Tool
The site redesign included revamping an interactive tool that taught moms specific techniques to help with breastfeeding, including hand expression techniques.
The sketches I drew of key frames ensured that client and I were on the same page before I began the bulk of the production work. I based this art on verbal instructions, and used outdated (but accurate) instructional videos as reference to make sure the technique was correct. 
Next, I illustrated each frame in a clear, inviting illustration style.

Animated Prototype
To help demonstrate the techniques, I created animated gifs to be used on the site; The final product is a step-by-step slideshow with a series of short animations.

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