The Project:
Design System for the 2019 Global Fraud Conference 
Each year the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) hosts a 4-day conference for 3,000+ attendees in the fraud-fighting industry. 2019 marked the 30th year of this tradition. To mark the occasion, the conference was hosted in Austin, TX, the organization's headquarters. In creating the brand for this event, I pulled inspiration from Austin's colorful, fun vibes and the celebratory atmosphere of this special 'homecoming.' 
Branding includes colors, fonts, iconography, photo styles, and textures, which were used in all print and web materials created by the ACFE design team.
Step One:
Brand Guidelines
Sharing the vision
The brand board was circulated for review among internal stakeholders, like our events team, marketing manager, and top leadership. As for the design crew, I created a shared Adobe CC Library for us to quickly grab these elements, and add new pieces (for example, styled text lockups) as we created them. 
The system in action
Modular tiles
Novelty font
Strategic colors
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