A Cloud Guru 
is an online training platform for people in search of tech skills. As part of their in-house marketing team, I had a hand in countless projects. This page covers a few favorites. 
Spreading the word about our Student Discounts 
We launched a student discount program (with crazy deals!) in 2021. In order to shout it from the rooftops, I created a peppy, retro collegiate illustration set and plenty of supporting graphics.

Email banners. We targeted users with .edu email addresses to spread the word about our student deals.

Social media graphics emphasizing the deep discounts available for students on the ACG platform. 

Report Design and Marketing Assets
Our research into cloud-centric business trends proved pretty enticing to a lot of B2B customers, and reports like this one were a popular resource. The Road to Multicloud contained stats showing how businesses are increasingly using a combination of cloud platforms (like AWS, GCP, and Azure) to build their technology architecture.
I created the full digital report, including a splashy cover illustration referencing the top cloud platforms.
Banner Ads 
I also crafted a large set of banner ads and social media graphics to spread the word. 
SWAG for Days
One of A Cloud Guru's major strengths is a deep appreciation for quality swag. T-shirts, sticker sheets, and pins commemorate every important event! 
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